Darrouzett, TX

Reel South Shorts Episode 513 12m 27s

Darrouzett, Texas is a tiny, 100-year-old homesteaded community that represents an often overlooked population: elderly Americans living in rural places. It also represents a phenomenon happening all over the United States: the death of the small town. In the age of urbanization, automation, and less dependence on oil, towns like Darrouzett (dare-zett) are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Darrouzett, TX offers an intimate and heartwarming last glimpse inside a small Texas town that is physically deteriorating, somewhat poetically, along with the seniors who call it home. Spend the day with Vesta, Fern, and Haskell, three elderly Darrouzett residents, and you will see that old age doesn't mean irrelevancy. They are Americans, they are Texans, and they are still people with feelings, hopes, and fears. Directed by: Erin McGoff