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REEL SOUTH reveals the South's proud yet complicated heritage, as told by a diversity of voices and perspectives, through the commission, curation, and distribution of feature-length and short documentaries. Reel South is a PBS documentary series and a platform for and a service to non-fiction filmmakers in the American South working within the region’s tradition of storytelling.
The producers of REEL SOUTH are eager to see your work. To make things simple, we have a rolling submissions process. Here are some basic details about submitting your film for consideration:

REEL SOUTH seeks films that focus on the people, issues, and culture of our region. The series showcases films that cover a broad range of topics and filmmaking styles: from public affairs or social issues to more personal or experimental works. In terms of style and format, narrated and non-narrated films are considered along with first person or point of view projects, observational films, and news documentaries. We accept feature-length films (40 to 90 minutes) and short films (5 to 40 minutes).

Filmmakers based in the South are given priority but all stories set in the South will be eligible.

Non-fiction: Only documentary films will be considered.
Independents only: Filmmakers must have artistic, editorial, and budgetary control of their projects, and own or co-own the copyright.

Completed or nearly completed works: Submitted works must be completed films, fine cuts, advanced rough cuts, or festival versions. Please be advised we cannot guarantee feedback on your project.

Rights and Releases: Submitted works must have signed appearance releases for all persons appearing in the film (for all rights). Additionally, all third party material –– including music, photos, and acquired footage –– must be cleared. Proof of releases and licenses may be required. Any legal justifications in lieu of releases should be provided as well.

Editorial and Funding Guidelines
All projects must comply with PBS' editorial and funding guidelines found here:
Funding S&P

Selected films will receive a license fee, series packaging, captioning, mastering, inclusion on the series website, promotion, and errors and omissions insurance coverage.

We will review films on a rolling basis and once accepted, films will usually be released within a 6-8 month window, except for digital-only distribution.

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